The DUNE Behind-the-Scenes Book Comes with a Hans Zimmer Soundtrack

If you’re ready to face a sandworm to see Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, we have something to sate your appetite: The Art and Soul of Dune. The tome from Tanya Lapointe (executive producer on Dune) goes behind the scenes of the upcoming sci-fi film. Adapted from Frank Herbert’s seminal novel, the film looks like a sprawling epic in trailers. And The Art and Soul of Dune from Insight Editions will explore the filmmaking process with an emphasis on visuals from costume concepts to creature designs to set photos. It also has interviews with the cast and crew. We need this in our eyeballs immediately.

The Art and Soul of Dune cover featuring a sandworm in black and gold

Insight Editions

The wildest feature though? Composer Hans Zimmer, who scored Dune, wrote a soundtrack specifically for The Art and Soul of Dune. Unsurprisingly, Zimmer has never scored a book before. Once the book’s out, you can download Zimmer’s soundtrack for free. I find it unbelievably cool that Zimmer wrote an exclusive soundtrack for this.

An image showing the many book components of The Art and Soul of Dune: Limited Edition

Insight Editions

Insight Editions has another option, too: The Art and Soul of Dune: Limited Edition. This version comes with some extras, notably that the first 700 copies will come with a signed and numbered signature card. The book has an exclusive cloth cover with foil-stamped House Atreides and Harknonnen symbols. A companion volume is also bundled with the Limited Edition; it features on-set photography by Dune director of photography Greig Fraser. One more cool addition: a “unique, cloth-bound reproduction of the Fremkit instruction booklet prop created for the movie, featuring 80 pages of exclusive, previously unseen art from the film.” All of it is packaged in a clamshell case with copper-stamped bespoke imagery. The Limited Edition costs $595.

Dune arrives in theaters on October 22, 2021. Both versions of The Art and Soul of Dune will be available on that same date. You can place a pre-order now.

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