Edward Furlong to Play John Connor In TERMINATOR: DARK FATE

SDCC’s first highly-anticipated panel was Terminator: Dark Fate, and boy did it not disappoint. Director Tim Miller was joined by stars Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Natalia Reyes, and Diego Boneta, plus legendary Terminator icons Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the first time the two heroes of Terminator 2: Judgement Day have been reunited on-screen since its 1991 release. 

James Cameron, the original man behind Terminator, kicked the panel off with a video message from his current Avatar film set. The Terminator director announced that Edward Furlong, who played the young resistance leader John Connor, would reprise his role for Dark Fate. Director Tim Miller also announced that the upcoming installment in the franchise would be R-rated. A Terminator film hasn’t been R-rated since 2003 with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

Terminator: Dark Fate takes place after Terminator 2: Judgement Day, ignoring previous films in a similar fashion to the 2018 Halloween sequel. In addition to featuring amazing battles between terminators, the film will also delve into the consequences of Sarah Connor’s actions at the end of Judgement DayTerminator: Dark Fate opens later this year, on November 1, 2019.

Featured Image: Tri-Star

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