This Drive-Through Haunted House in Japan Looks Horrifying

If you’re anything like me, the COVID-19 pandemic has you anxious about a lot of things. And though it’s trivial, one of those things is Halloween—among the most communal of all holidays. The spooky seasonal event involves parties and gatherings and, best of all, haunted houses, where actors dressed up in clothes jump out and scare the pants off of you. It’s great!

Well, over in Japan, they figured out the perfect alternative to an in-person haunted house: a drive-through haunted house! Kowagarasetai, a Japanese company whose name loosely translates to “scare squad,” came up with the idea. They created a drive-through experience where, according to their website ( via Boing Boing), “A large number of dead people attack your car. Can you beat the fear coming at you from all directions?”

The whole thing is set in an old garage, where “a horrible incident occurred long ago.” Ghouls, ghosts, and zombies jump out at the car for the next several minutes, accompanied by sound effects and sprays of blood. That’s right… your car gets covered in blood. Uh, sign us up!

Haunted drive-through in JapanKowagarasetai

So far, the attraction only exists in Japan, although the U.S has had a few “haunted car washes” through the years. Still, we highly doubt anything compares to the horror show the smart folks of Kowagarasetai conjured up. The images alone look downright nightmare inducing. And luckily, for those of us not in Japan, there are already drive-through POV videos on YouTube to share the experience.

What do you think? Are you brave enough to try out a drive-through haunted house? Would you risk the cleanliness of your car for the sake of a good scare? It sounds like a lot of spooky fun to us, but we’ve gotta be honest—it also looks scary as hell.

Featured Image: Kowagarasetai

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