DRAG TOTS Brings Queens From RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE to Animation as Babies

You know your franchise has reached peak pop-culture importance when it gets a cartoon “baby” version of itself (see: Muppet Babies, Flintstones Kids, Care Bears Babies, etc.) Well, now one of the most culturally important franchises of the current moment is getting its own junior version soon, as the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race get pint-sized in the upcoming animated series Drag Tots! World of Wonder, the producers of Drag Race, will air the series exclusively on their new streaming service, WOW Presents Plus.  You can check out the first trailer below:

The trailer gives Drag Race fans their first look at what happens when their favorite queens Bianca Del Rio (as Dina Saur), Adore Delano (as Roxy Moron), Latrice Royale (as Lady Liber T), Valentina (as Arugula), Detox (as Donatella Mewhattodoo) and RuPaul (as Corny the Unicorn) are transformed into adorable Drag Tots. Other Drag Race favorites from seasons past are expected to appear on the show as well.

According to the official description for the series, “Baby drag queens attend grammar school in this new animated series for kids and grown-ups of all ages!  Meet Dina Saur, a colorful drag tot whose aesthetic is inspired by dinosaurs; Roxy Moron, innocent, lovable and totally gullible; Arugala, a Puerto Rican provocateur with a taste for trouble;  and Lady Liber ‘T,’ an African American queen with a talent for putting haters in their place! With guidance from school mascot Corny the Unicorn, each episode features a different dragtastic adventure. From a visit to a wig farm to a journey to an alternate drag universe, school has never been so fierce!”

This weekend was the perfect weekend to drop the trailer for Drag Tots, as several of the alumni queens are attending RuPaul’s Drag Con in Los Angeles, and Drag Tots the show already has its place among the Drag Con programming this weekend. In fact, drag fans can take photos with the Drag Tots, as life sized versions are on site at the convention center.

Will you be watching Drag Tots this summer? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: World of Wonder

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