The “Long Long Man” Japanese Candy Commercials Are Full of Innuendo

If I were to tell you that something is long, what would you think of? If you’re a fisherman, maybe you’re thinking of a good fly fishing rod. If you’re a long haul trucker, maybe it’s the highway. If you’re Japanese candy maker Sakeru, it seems that your mind would be on something a bit more lewd. An ad campaign by the company has been making its way around the internet, and the commercials for Sakeru’s new long gummy candy is filled with all the innuendo of a Michael Scott “That’s what she said.” (via Geekologie). the compilation video above that features eleven of the commercials, we see a couple enjoying the standard version of the Sakeru candy, which is relatively short. Everything is going well until the woman notices a man with a longer variety of the sugary treat. She can’t help but look at him… from a certain perspective, and as she watches him tear the long candy apart, she hears an emphatic singer bust out a “Loong loooooong maaaaaaan” before the song bursts into some sexy sax.

In the subsequent ads, all of which are very silly, the couple keeps running into this long, long man, and since there’s actually a clever narrative at play here throughout the commercials, I won’t spoil anything here. I will say, though, that the ending probably isn’t what you’d expect.

What do you think of the ads? Are they good enough to make you go to great lengths to get your hands on Japanese candy? Sound off down in the comments!

Featured image: Violet Sumire/YouTube

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