Dogs Get Called to Serious Performance Review from Owner

Today your regular dose of pups doing something cute comes to you all the way from Scotland.  Via Laughing Squid, BBC sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter has gotten very close with his dogs Mabel and Olive lately. He’s communicating with them in, shall we say, creative ways. Cotter set up a very official and serious Zoom call with his pets to share a review of their job performance. They have a lot of responsibilities these days; someone has to evaluate how they’re doing. The results are incredibly endearing.

Dog zoom performance review


Cotter arrived to the meeting first, with Olive joining shortly thereafter. After a few technical difficulties, Mabel also got her video and audio to work. She stood very close to her camera, so we’re not sure if she fully grasps how microphones work. Both Olive and Mabel seemed worried at the top of the call, but Cotter quickly reassured them that neither would be furloughed at this time. Watch:

What very good dogs. Regardless of Cotter’s feedback, we love them both equally. Even if the performance review started rough, with reports of chewing sofas and chasing many squirrels. That kind of behavior earns negative marks. But Olive took the evaluation to heart and even received a small bonus.

Mabel… tried her hardest. Cotter had to communicate some tough news to her, but she started falling asleep. Then she just disappeared from the call. I’m guessing many of us can relate to how Mabel’s feeling. If you’ve pretended to lose your internet connection to dodge a video conference, you’re not alone.

And if you simply need more Olive and Mabel, Cotter has your back with more videos. Like this one, where he puts his broadcasting skills to work as he comments on the dogs during their walk.

More perfect dog content like this, please!

Featured Image: mrandrewcotter

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