Make Conference Calls Fun with BATMAN: TAS, STAR WARS, and More Nerdy Backgrounds

With thousands of people working remotely due the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all using video conference calls more than ever. Zoom conferencing seems to be the platform of choice in these physical distancing times. And if you’re weary of your coworkers gazing upon your kitchen or your couch in the background while you pontificate about KPIs, you can swap out your actual setting for a virtual one. Fans and brands alike have shared a plethora of pop culture options for everything from Star Trek to Seinfeld. We’ve even made a few Nerdist designs for you.

Get ready to make some challenging Zoom decisions, because we have a lot of backgrounds to share. Maybe you could pick a different background for every work day? This is precisely the time to exercise ridiculousness.

Let’s start with Star Trek.

Jabba's Palace Zoom background


And from there to Star Wars. You can download backgrounds featuring everything from Hoth, to Tatooine, to a Star Destroyer at

Parks and Recreation

Knives Out

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Some internet memes

The Simpsons (typed to the sound of the theme song)

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A little Animal Crossing

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John Wick 3

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Ru-Paul’s Drag Race

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Schitt’s Creek

Top Gun

Disneyland Zoom background


Missing Disney Parks? You can choose from a variety of parks backgrounds, including the above Disneyland image, at the Disney Parks Blog. And if you’d rather have Disney animation Zoom backgrounds, you’re in luck!

Red Dwarf

You know, actual space.

Some gorgeous Ghibli backgrounds

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Plus as a bonus, Studio Ghibli has officially shared backgrounds from Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and more. Download them here.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Doctor Who

Batman: The Animated Series

Batman: The Animated Series Zoom background


Actually working in Gotham doesn’t sound appealing even a little bit, but having virtual Batman: The Animated Series backgrounds for Zoom? Now that we can get behind. Choose from several options at the DC Comics blog.

The Office

A sampler, including Twin Peaks

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Add a little Godzilla or Batman with these Legendary picture backgrounds

Nerdist News and Explainiac

Because Science

The Good Place

A sampler from Netflix

Addams Family

Bon Appétit Test Kitchen

Don’t see anything that suits your tastes? You can make a Zoom background by uploading any ol’ image or video. They just suggest you crop your image to match the aspect ratio to your camera. Not too bad, right?

To change your space to a virtual background, sit in front of an empty wall. If you, for some reason, own a green screen, this is made for you. Hang that baby up! If not, a plain wall will do. Then sign into Zoom, go to account settings, and then the meeting tab. Enable virtual backgrounds there. Get thorough, step by step instructions in Zoom’s help center.

Once you find and insert the perfect pop culture background into Zoom, we’d love if you’d share it and tag us. It’s a moral imperative. Plain and simple. Share it with us on Twitter or Instagram.

Featured Image: Bon Appétit

Editor’s Note: Nerdist is a subsidiary of Legendary Digital Networks.

Amy Ratcliffe is the Managing Editor for Nerdist and the author of Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy. Follow her on  Twitter.

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