THE OFFICE Is Great, But It Might Be Even Better With Dogs

In many ways, Dunder Mifflin regional manager Michael Scott is like a dog: he craves affection and attention, he loves to have fun and play games, it can get challenging for him to keep his attention on a specific task for very long, and while he can be annoying sometimes, ultimately, everybody loves him. Steve Carell did a fine job at leading The Office for the years that he was on the program, but since it’s the internet, somebody imagined what the show would have been like if it was an all- dog cast, and let me tell you: it would be a good show filled with good boys.

Actually, it’s just one boy: Enzo the Samoyed, a dog with over ten thousand Instagram followers, recently starred in a re-creation of The Office‘s opening credits sequence, and were this to be a full half-hour program, it would have at least one viewer in me, and a suspect several others as well. Just the short clip is filled with great references and gags: “Dunder Woofin,” photocopying a tennis ball, and even a Nard Dog. There’s some bad on the internet, certainly, but this video is absolutely not a part of it.

What other TV themes should Enzo dogify? Let us know down in the comments!

Featured Image: fluffyface_enzo/Instagram

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