This Very Good Police Dog Knows How to Do CPR!

Dogs, in case you aren’t aware, are good. They can make The Office even better, help cheetahs not be so darn nervous, and even inspire foxes to be good as well. Despite how good every single dog is, however, they can’t all do everything. For example, some aren’t cut out to for law enforcement because they’re just too friendly for the more confrontational elements of the job. Then there are dogs that are more than ready to join the police force and help keep the world safe, such as the one in the video below (via Laughing Squid).

The Madrid Police recently hosted a demonstration, in which they showed off how invaluable their police dogs can be. In the video, an officer pretends to collapse and appears, at least to an adorable police pupper, to be in need of CPR. The dog, who even has a police light on their back for goodness sakes, quickly takes action, performing CPR by jumping on the officer’s chest, even pausing and putting their head by the human’s nose to check if he’s still breathing. Basically, this is the dog you want to have around the next time you’re wolfing down dinner too fast and you clog your airway right up.What do you think of this good pup? Would you give them scritches behind their li’l ears if you saw them on the street? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image: Buena Vista Pictures

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