DOCTOR WHO Brings Back Ace, Tegan, and the Master for Thirteen’s Goodbye

Nothing lasts forever. This is especially true when it comes to the Doctor. This TARDIS traveling hero may really love different incarnations of themselves over countless years but eventually, regeneration happens. They must transform to continue to go forward while still holding on to whispers and memories of their past. It’s such a poignant and vital aspect that’s kept Doctor Who pushing forward for nearly 60 years. And it is what Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor is preparing to do in the Doctor Who Centenary Special coming in Fall 2022. The Thirteenth Doctor will regenerate in her final episode and the teaser trailer shows that it will be as epic as we would all expect. The Doctor Who special will include the return of the Master, Ace, and Tegan for a big Who adventure!

In the clip, we hear the Doctor’s voiceover saying that nothing is forever. No regeneration. No life. And she gives a dire warning to “beware of the forces that mass against you…and their master.” Why does she say this? Because all the usual suspects are back. The Daleks and the Cybermen will appear once again along with Sacha Dhawan’s Master, who says today is when she will die. I will never not love how the Master keeps coming back from seemingly impossible odds.

But this Doctor Who trailer gives us the real surprise when Tegan appears and says she hasn’t heard from the Doctor in nearly four decades, while Ace says its only been three for her. And those two Classic Who and very badass companions are truly about that life with guns in tow. We also see a glimpse of several other people we know well like Vinder and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart. Of course, Yaz and Dan make their appearances as the clip ends with Thirteen beginning to regenerate. It seems like only yesterday that the Thirteenth Doctor landed on that train and now her final episode teaser trailer is here. 

photo of Jodie Whittaker as Thirteenth doctor in trailer for final episode with Ace, Tegan, and the Master

It is truly exciting to see Ace and Tegan appear on the show again. They certainly won’t recognize the Doctor after many, many regenerations! And, for now, we don’t know who will be the Fourteenth Doctor. I hope that we don’t find out. Imagine how epic it would be to discover that news in real-time, especially in a world with so many spoilers and leaks. The end of the Thirteenth Doctor’s era also features a clean slate in total. Yaz and Dan will exit along with the showrunner Chris Chibnall. Russell T Davies will take the helm next season along with a few new faces. But until then, let’s prepare to bid a sad farewell to a history-making Doctor.

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