What We Know About DOCTOR WHO’s 3 Anniversary Specials

What a dang world. We are presumably close to the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who and we already know a lot. We know David Tennant is back as the Fourteenth Doctor. Catherine Tate is also back, and Neil Patrick Harris is joining. We know there will be three specials with Tennant as part of the anniversary celebration, complete with all three titles and a teaser. They’re interesting, for sure.

The first special will be “The Star Beast,” which is, funnily enough, the initial title for the movie Alien when it was in spec script form. Special two will be “Wild Blue Yonder;” some of the bits of that part of the teaser have “redacted” and static added. Seems pretty TARDIS-y to me. The third one, “The Giggle,” has our man NPH in it. “Laughing at the human race.” We also see our first glimpse of live-action Beep the Meep, a very weird character who made the jump to TV from the old comics. The name of that comic? “Doctor Who and the Star Beast.” Sooooo, that’s fun, innit?

David Tennant looking pensive, as per, in Doctor Who.

The little teaser also shows us a few shots of Yasmin Finney, who will portray Donna’s daughter Rose Noble. Donna married her husband Shaun Temple, whom we last saw in “The End of Time.”

We still don’t know exactly when these specials will air or how frequently. Will it be one per month? One per week? Three days in a row? All we know for sure is the actual 60th anniversary of Doctor Who is November 23, 2023.

Originally published on May 15, 2023.

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