The Doctor’s Life Advice Is Coming to Print in THE DAILY DOCTOR

The Doctor is one of the most inspirational characters in existence. They live a life of freedom and traveling that we aspire to attain. Well, except when they destroy things. And they also give us nuggets of wisdom and truth. There are countless monologues and lines that Doctor Who fans live by. Ten reminds us that he’s never met anyone who wasn’t important. Eleven tells us that our lives are stories in the end, so make it a good one. Now, the Doctor’s musings on life and how we should navigate it are coming together for one lovely book. According to the BBC’s Doctor Who page, a lovely book called Doctor Who: The Daily Doctor – 365 ¼ Whoniversal Meditations on Life and How to Live It is coming our way on September 22. That’s a mouthful of a title, but they gave it a shorter name: The Daily Doctor

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The Doctor Who meditation book reveals in its description that it will be exactly what fans expect:

The Daily Doctor, written by Steve Tribe, is a page-a-day guide to living your best life, full of Time Lord wit and wisdom. As days turn to weeks turn to months, stay serene with your daily dose of the inspirational plans, pronouncements and principles that bring order to this crazy and chaotic universe. 

With quotes from Gallifrey’s leading philosopher covering the entire history of the show, along with colourful stories and commentary, this is your Tao of Doctor Who – 365 ¼ tips on life and how to live it! 

Well, that sounds lovely. And I am very curious to know what a ¼ tip entails. If that doesn’t make sense to you, remember that each year is actually 365 ¼ days long. This explains why every four years we get that bonus day in February. Very timey wimey stuff, indeed. 

book cover of the daily doctor 365 1/4 whoniversal meditations on life and how to live it
BBC Books

The Daily Doctor is currently available for preorder. So if there is a Who fan in your life (including yourself), then grab a copy. After living for many years with many faces, we think the Doctor just might know a thing or two about life.

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