DIY Articulated Wings Will Make You Think You Can Fly (But Please Don’t Try)

The way you usually leave a group of people is probably pretty lackluster—maybe you say a few goodbyes, grab whatever’s left of your spaghetti burrito from the fridge, and then hit the old dusty trail with arms by your sides. And that’s fine, if you want to keep departing like a normie. But for those who don’t, those who want to raise their arms, spread their wings, and swoop away without a trace like Batman, there are these DIY articulated wings.

And because the Tide Pod challenge was a thing, we’ll say this loud and clear up front: Nobody should try to actually fly with them.

Despite the fact that the wings in the clip aren’t fully functional, they’re still cool enough to make even the most jaded cosplayer stop and take notice. YouTuber The Q made the wings, and considering what he’s been able to rig up in the past, it comes as no surprise that he knocked this faux, moveable appendage of the angels out of the proverbial park. There’s something about the way they turn a complex set of movements into one fluid motion that just seems so dang elegant.

A GIF of The Q's DIY articulated cosplay wings

Although there’s no Instructables page for the PVC articulated Batman-ish wings, The Q claims that you can build them by just following the instructions and measurements provided in the video. Fair warning, however: The steps in this quick, short video fly right by and unless you’re an experienced pro you definitely shouldn’t wing it.

What do you think of these PVC-pipe articulating wings? Do you think you’d able to whip up a pair of these wings in no time, or are the instructions in the video as daunting for you as they are for us? Let your opinions fly in the comments below!

Images: The Q 

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