Spaghetti Burrito Is a 2,000 Calorie Food Missile

The burrito, like the sandwich, is a mere canvas upon which edible creations come to life. Meaning you can stuff anything into a burrito and make a succulent food log that will satisfy you until the very last, extra tortilla-y bite. But some burrito combinations are so diabolical they’ll make you stop in your tracks and completely rethink what it means to roll a handheld meal. Like these spaghetti burritos, which combine cheese, spaghetti, meat, and tortillas into giant food pills that look like they were built to clog arteries.

The team behind the spaghetti burritos, HellthyJunkFood, is no stranger to making bold meals that condense calories into neutron stars of self-admittedly “not healthy” food. The duo has made seriously mondo grilled cheese sandwiches, as well as gigantic Chicken McNuggets, and even though a teaspoon of any one of these edibles probably has enough calories in it to cover a full meal, taking at least a few bites seems extremely irresistible.

Ultimately, JP’s giant food missile of a spaghetti burrito definitely blows Julia’s relatively modest take, at least in terms of may-be-legitimately-a-crime-against-humanity factor, out of the water. It utilizes spaghetti as the burrito casing, which frankly, seems a bit blasphemous, and a giant, seasoned meat and cheese log for the innards. Julia’s spaghetti burrito is also a reasonable 600 calories, whereas JP’s is 2,000. Oh, and it’s deep fried, for those who like a little extra crispiness and not getting enough blood to their extremities.

What do you think about these spaghetti burritos? Give us your thoughts in the most log-like form possible in the comments below!

Images: HellthyJunkFood

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