Disney’s STAR WARS Dance Off Show Was Delightfully Cheesy

There are fads and moments from the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s that are so corny it seems impossible they were ever real. Surely the world is far too cynical and self-aware for anyone to be so cheesy now though, right? No, not even close. Because nothing from 2o or 30 years ago is more embarrassing than Walt Disney World‘s former Star Wars dance off. The live show was like something from a far more ridiculous bygone era, before anyone discovered the idea of “irony.” But this absurd, ridiculous, inconceivable, totally real exhibition was something you could attend as recently as 2014. Why you would have wanted to, though, we have no idea.

Twitter user @SITHLEIAS reminded the world of something it would definitely have preferred to forget about the galaxy far, far away. Walt Disney World’s old Star Wars Weekends included an impossible-to-believe-it-was real dance off called Hyperspace Hoopla.

It featured Star Wars characters from the movies and animated series engaging in dance battles, all set to famous pop music. But in terms of being unimaginably corny, that’s like describing the Sistine Chapel as a small church with some paintings. You really have to see it to believe how unintentionally funny it all was.

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You know how people slow down to stare at a car accident? This is like if people paid money to sit and stare at accidents happening repeatedly for half an hour. And it ran for years. The show originated in 2008, before Disney even owned Star Wars. Which raises an obvious question: what the Mustafar was Lucasfilm thinking when they licensed this?

The show underwent many changes over the years. But the embarrassing nature of the whole thing always remained. The more you watch it, the more you can understand its appeal. Haha, no, just kidding. This thing was mortifying for everyone involved.  But if you’re curiosity is getting the better of you you can find a million clips online. You can even watch an entire show.

The worst part of this show is all of it. But what really stinks about Hyperspace Hoopla (LOL at that name) is that it definitively proves we’re no less cheesy than past generations.

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There’s nothing we can do about that now. But please, let’s be better going forward. Don’t ever let us see Kylo Ren and Rey dancing to “Shake It Off.”

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