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Disney Is Reimagining Splash Mountain’s SONG OF THE SOUTH Theme

Disney Parks announced they are reimagining Splash Mountain at both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom with a new theme inspired by The Princess and the Frog. The attraction is currently themed around Song of the South. You know, the deeply problematic and racist 1946 movie Disney will not even put on Disney+. Over 21,000 people recently signed a Change.org petition asking Disney Parks to re-theme the outdated attraction. However, in their announcement, Disney says they’ve been working on this project since last year.

We’re thrilled about this change. An attraction finally featuring Tiana, the first Black Disney princess?! Yes, please. The story of this new ride will pick up after the ending of The Princess and The Frog film—right after the final kiss. Featuring some of the incredible music from the animated feature, the attraction will follow Princess Tiana and Louis as they prepare for their first Mardi Gras performance. Given that Splash Mountain is adjacent to New Orleans Square in Disneyland, this story will really go hand-in-hand with the area. The voice of Princess Tiana, Anika Noni Rose, will reprise her role for the re-themed Splash Mountain attraction.

The Princess and the Frog ride concept art

Disney Parks

Disney states that re-theming attractions is about asking how they can elevate the experience. How they can tell a fresh story. They call out that updating Splash Mountain is of particular importance today. The Disney Parks Blog states, “The new concept is inclusive – one that all of our guests can connect with and be inspired by, and it speaks to the diversity of the millions of people who visit our parks each year.”

Disney Parks updated the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in 2017 to remove the bride auction and give Redd the pirate a prominent role. They’re making this much needed change to Splash Mountain. They could certainly give some of this social issue attention to Jungle Cruise across their parks as well. We’ll stay tuned to see what they update next.

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