Disney’s GARGOYLES Awakens in Rad New Action Figures from NECA

Stone by day, action figures by night. Pretty sure that’s how the Gargoyles opening credits go. The beloved Disney animated series aired from 1994 to 1997, though from the way fans talk about it, you’d think it was brand new. To be fair, many have likely discovered the show for the first time through Disney+. And now, fans old and new can start a new Gargoyles collection thanks to NECA’s new action figure line, which they revealed on Twitter. They’re kicking off what will hopefully be a whole Gargoyles set with an impressive Goliath action figure.

Gargoyles Goliath action figure


The leader of the Manhattan Clan, Goliath is wicked strong and sharp. The action figure captures his hulking form and might, too. The seven inch figure has multiple points of articulation so you can pose him atop the skyscrapers (a.k.a. shelves) of your choosing. And the sculpt really delivers on wingspan, which comes in at 16 inches. If nothing else, Gargoyles should be imposing.

Gargoyles Goliath action figure spreads out its wings


Goliath comes with accessories as well: interchangeable heads and hands, an open book, and a jalapeño pepper. The pepper references an episode where Broadway gives Goliath a jalapeño to try and Goliath responded by making the word “jalapeña” sound like a curse word. You have to love an accessory that leans into a deep cut. And the book is a nod to Goliath’s enjoyment of reading (he particularly enjoys Dostoyevsky).

Goliath action figure with his accessories


You can pre-order this Goliath action figure now for $32.99 from Entertainment Earth. Looks like it’s currently set to ship in July 2021. We can only hope that NECA has figures for Demona, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, Hudson, and Angela in the works. Collecting only a single gargoyle instead of the entire clan feels wrong.

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