Disney’s GARGOYLES Returning in New Board Game

With so many old cartoons getting modern reboots, Gargoyles viewers remain hopeful the beloved ’90s animated series will get the revival they have long wished for. (Maybe someday, right Disney+? Right!?) Until then though, fans will be able to revisit the world of stony warriors in a whole new way, with a new cooperative board game, Disney Gargoyles: Awakening.

Front cover of the box for the Gargoyles board games, which shows the characters in front of the monRavensburger Games

Ravensburger is launching an original Gargoyles tabletop game (which we first learned about at ComicBook.com). It takes its name from the first episode of the show, which premiered on October 24, 1994. It will also replicate the art of the series to create an authentic experience. From the official press release:

“In the game, players take on the role of one of six heroes: Goliath, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, Hudson, or Detective Elisa Maza. Working together, they’ll take on Xanatos and Demona in four different scenarios. Players do battle on three-dimensional cityscape board showing Manhattan as it was presented in the cartoon, complete with Xanatos’ castle—topped skyscraper, the police clock tower, and more.”

Six minifigs for the Gargoyles board gameRavensburger Games

Each of the four scenarios will also provide players with a “unique challenge.”

  • Reawakening: “Players face off against Xanatos and Demona, and must save Coldstone’s mind.”
  • Temptation and Magic: “Demona has stolen the Grimorum Arcanorum and used the magic to enslave innocents.”
  • Information Warfare: “Players must collect three stolen data disks.”
  • Battle with the Steel Clan: “One player takes the role of Xanatos and the Steel Clan and tries to either defeat a hero or destroy the police tower while the other players (as the Gargoyles) try to defeat Xanatos.”

Befitting the show, the game is designed to be a family game. Ravensburger says it’s suitable for two to five players, ages 10 and up. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get more Gargoyles in your life though. Awakening ($34.99) will be available nationwide at Target starting this summer, on August 1.

Maybe while we wait Disney will finally announce a revival of the show. That would be a win for everyone.

Featured Image: Ravensburger Games

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