Disney Shared a Video That Reveals a Bunch of Easter Eggs

Disney has been making movies for nearly a century now, and over that stretch, it’s been known to hide a fun secret or two in its cartoons. Fans have had a ton of fun pointing them out over the years, and now it’s Disney’s turn, since they just shared a video that reveals easter eggs some of us may not have known about yet ( via The Huffington Post).

The video (above) starts with Mulan and hops movie to movie from there, with some sort of visual unifying factor to make the connection. For instance, the dog from that movie also makes a super quick appearance in Tarzan. Then—as you probably know if you’ve watched any other video or read any list of Disney easter eggs—the teacups from Tarzan are the same ones in Beauty and the Beast.Fans may not have had the chance to scour the newer Disney films for bonus goodies yet, so this video highlights a few of those. For example, The Little Mermaid‘s (not the weird, new live-action version) Flounder makes a brief appearance during a Moana musical sequence, while it turns out that a couple young elephants in Zootopia are dressed like Frozen’s Anna and Elsa.

We won’t give them all away for you, so check out the video for yourself above, and let us know what your favorite all-time Disney easter eggs are. This isn’t Disney’s first easter egg video, so check out more of them in this YouTube playlist.

Featured Image: Disney

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