DiGiorno Cooks Up Own Line of Pizza Merchandise

“It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno.” I don’t know where that slogan ranks among the all-time best in advertising history. I just know I’ll never forget it. They also make a damn good pizza too. Now you’ll have the perfect thing to wear when you head to your local grocer’s frozen section to pick up a last second dinner. DiGiorno has launched its very own merchandise line. And the collection includes pepperoni pizza pillows that look good enough to eat.

If you want the whole world to know at all times just how much you love pizza, DiGiorno’s new online store is perfect for you. Whether you’re looking for apparel or home goods—both garish and really garish—there’s a slice of pizza heaven for everyone in the family.

You can get socks, hoodies, jogger pants, lounge sets, socks, baseball tees, and t-shirts. Some feature slices of pizza and croissants, while others boast all pizza splashes. You can also get some slightly more understated shirts that profess your love of DiGiorno without looking like you front a pizza-themed ska band.

A top and bottom black jogger set covered in pizza slices and croissantsDiGiorno

There are also tumblers, a beanie hat, and even a DiGiorno “Pizza Time” wall clock. But our favorite items are definitely the pepperoni Croissant Crust Pizza pillows. You can get a 12-inch throw pillow or a 30-inch diameter floor pillow.

They look so good they almost feel evil. How can anyone be expected to stare at one of these all day, every day, without constantly craving a large pie? Can’t be done. Can’t. Be. Done.

A pillow that looks exactly like a pepperoni pizzaDiGiorno

We swear that’s a pillow and not a pizza. You can only tell though because of the white tag you can barely see on the top.

The collection also has something for every price range. You can grab some Cheesy Slice Pizza Socks for $15 or a t-shirt for $20. The giant floor pillow goes for $80, while an entire jogger set will set you back $130. And there are plenty of price options in between.

I do have one question though: how will the company get your items to you? If there’s one thing I know about DiGiorno, it’s not delivery, right?

a hooded sweatshirt with pepperoni pizza decorationsDiGiorno

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