America is Opening an Official Pizza Museum in Chicago

It’s hard to think of any one person or thing that has a higher approval rating with Americans than pizza.

And yet even that beloved dish of bread, cheese, and tomato sauce is now causing division within our borders. How is that possible, you ask? How can such a perfect and popular food item be causing civil unrest? Because the U.S. Pizza Museum will be opening a permanent location in Chicago, home of pizza casseroles.

According to ABC Eyewitness News in Chicago, the home of the most controversial form of pizza known across the country will host the U.S. Pizza Museum, which until now has only existed online and in various pop-up exhibits. Created by pizza aficionado Kendall Bruns, the museum will open this Friday August 10 at the Roosevelt Collection near Chicago’s South Loop, at 1146 S Delano Ct W. While it won’t actually sell pizza of any kind (though it will have free pizza samples for its opening weekend), the museum says it “will be partnering with local pizzerias and food trucks to give you convenient options to eat pizza nearby after you’re done at the museum.”

So what will pizza fans, who can already reserve a ticket, find there?
Visit the U.S. Pizza Museum to explore the evolution of pizza culture through vintage artifacts and interactive programming. Learn about the history of pizza and how different styles of pizza became popular in America through displays of pizza memorabilia including: menus, pizza boxes, toys, games, buttons, vinyl records, and tools of the pizza-making trade.”

What is unclear is whether or not the museum will recognize the controversy surrounding Chicago style deep dish—which some (a majority of them being very angry New Yorkers) argue doesn’t even qualify as pizza. One way they could introduce the argument is with a constant loop of this famous Jon Stewart clip:

Yeah, Chicago does seem like a weird spot for this museum, but at the same time, why let this divide us? Personally I like all types of pies, but then again I’ve always been a pizza centrist.

What do you think of the museum opening in Chicago? Take a bite out of our comments section and let us know.

Featured Image: CBS Sports

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