Detective Pikachu & Friends Are Coming to POKÉMON TCG

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Let’s all agree that we want Detective Pikachu to be our best friend. Ok? Good. Now while the idea of putting your best friend (who also sounds like Ryan Reynolds) into a Pokéball makes us feel a little conflicted, having Detective Pikachu in your Pokémon TCG deck sounds pretty fantastic. And come April, you’ll be able to, as Pokémon is releasing Detective Pikachu from the movie as a promo card for the Pokémon TCG.

Beyond how delightful that hat is, Brilliant Deduction is the kind of ability that you want to have on the table and activating at the start of the game. He helps with card draw, and with 90 HP, you’ll get at least a turn or two out of his ability while also rounding out your hand if you draw him early in the game. If you need basics to fill out your bench, are hunting for that evolution, or are searching for energy, he’s got you. Also: look at that cute thinking face!

Detective Pikachu TCG

Along with Detective Pikachu, there’ll be 25 other Pokémon TCG cards depicted in CGI-movie-likeness, with the first wave of cards coming in April. All of the cards will be legal for Pokémon TCG competitive events and will also be available in the online game. One can only speculate on what kind of Pokémon we’ll be getting, but personally, I’ll be hoping for a Mr. Mime card with a Shove Off ability.

Detective Pikachu (1)

What Pokémon are you excited to see in Detective Pikachu? 

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