“Dear Baby Yoda” Mashes Up MANDALORIAN and HAMILTON

It’s fair to say the biggest and brightest star in the Star Wars galaxy at the moment is the tiny adorable being officially known as”the Child.” Although that is his official name according to Lucasfilm, he is perhaps best known for his fandom-given nickname of “Baby Yoda.” Ever since he debuted in the final moments of the first episode of The Mandolorian,  the internet has lost their collective mind over this cutest ever Force sensitive youngling. It’s almost in Hamilton territory of fervor.

Well, sort of youngling. Baby Yoda is fifty years old after all. Nevertheless, he has stolen the hearts of everyone who has one. And maybe one or two people who don’t.

And although we’ve seen all kinds of great fan art and some very clever memes, we think this latest tribute that has sprung up online takes the proverbial cake. Sorry, all you other Baby Yoda memes and videos, these guys just won at life with “Dear Baby Yoda.”

The song is the work of Isaac K. Lee and Jason Gallagher, a.k.a Ice2Ice of The Ringer. Together they  have decided to craft this moving musical tribute dedicated to their undying love for the most adorable and precious child in the history of sci-fi. “Dear Baby Yoda” is inspired by Hamilton’s “Dear Theodosia.” The original Hamilton tune is sung in the play by the characters of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, as a tribute to their newborn children.

Baby Yoda blinking in a gif from The Mandalorian.

Clearly, Lee and Gallagher love their little green baby as much as those 18th century dudes loved their kids. Only Baby Yoda is way cooler than any human child, because he has a a cute little floaty bassinet, and can move space rhinos with the power of his mind alone. Sorry, but I don’t know any regular human rugrats who can do any of those things, so Baby Yoda is obviously superior.

A big Star Wars fan himself, Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda even tweeted out the song. And as you can tell by his inability to form a proper sentence, he was pretty much left speechless by the tribute. And really, we can hardly blame him. It is too cute for words.

Baby Yoda has been inspiring Star Wars fans from all over the globe to create their own tributes, ever since he arrived to steal all of our hearts away. We’ve seen Baby Yoda playing with the radio and annoying his Mando “dad,” which has already been interpreted for every pop song known to man. Which goes to show how fast social media culture moves, as the original meme has only been around for a short time. We’ve also seen ‘ 80s sitcom style opening credits featuring Baby Yoda prominently, that will make you wish Mando and Baby Yoda actually did get have sitcom all their own. And lets not forget the Baby Yoda TikTok lullaby.

Will we one day reach peak Baby Yoda? Eventually, it will happen. Remember when Baby Groot was all the rage? Will we become tired of him when he becomes “sullen pre-teen Yoda?” Hopefully, we get another fifty years before our little guy hits another growth spurt. We like him just the way he is.

Images: Lucasfilm

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