DEADPOOL Talking Head Collectable Is Shamelessly Interactive

Woverine’s most iconic trait is his claws. And for Spider-Man, it’s wallcrawling, Meanwhile, Marvel’s Deadpool is known chiefly for his penchant for constantly talking nonstop, always cracking wise, and dropping F-bombs. They don’t call him “the Merc with the Mouth” for nothin’ ya know.

Now, thanks to Hasbro’s Marvel Legends toy line, fans everywhere can own the ultimate Deadpool collectible that highlights the hero’s most notable feature. A life-size scale replica of Wade Wilson’s head—and one that never shuts up. However, we should specify that this is for adult fans everywhere, as the toy is as R-rated as one would expect from Wade Wilson.

An Actual DEADPOOL Talking Head Toy Can Now Be Yours_1


An interactive, app-enhanced collectible, the Deadpool head has over 600 sound effects and phrases, and has multiple sensors and motors to creative expressive movement. Using the free app, users can set Deadpool up to play various pranks, insult their friends and loved ones, or even wake them up every morning. Hasbro even made a commercial for this new premium toy, which you can check out down below:

No, we must remind you that this Deadpool head isn’t voiced by Ryan Reynolds, but it does sound a bit like him. It’s also remarkably life-like, with reaction to sounds and programmed responses based on where the head’s moved around the house. And although it’s technically not movie Deadpool, he does have the same eye expressions and mouth movements as he does on the big screen. Since we have no idea when Deadpool 3 is coming, this should be enough to tide hardcore fans over for the time being.

The Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Premium Interactive Head is available now for pre-order at Hasbro Pulse. and will set you back $99, with shipping expected sometime this fall.  Although not directly stated anywhere, it appears that chimichangas are not included. Sorry everyone.

Featured Image: Hasbro/Marvel Entertainment

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