Amazing Deadpool Metal Sculpture Is a True Work of Art

It’s been almost three years since Deadpool graced our movie screens in his trademark vulgar fashion. And although we know Ryan Reynolds is coming to the MCU as Deadpool at some point, it’s just not soon enough in our opinion. Aside from the pages of Marvel Comics, just what does one do if they just need to have the Merc With the Mouth in their life right now?

Well, thanks to Geeks are Sexy, we might have the perfect answer for you. Etsy seller MetalArtProductions created a life-size metal sculpture of Wade Wilson, perfect to display in your home. Maybe place it in your backyard, and scare all those pesky raccoons away. (Just not Rocket Raccoon.) And it will only set you back a mere $10,145.03. You can check out images of this red-and-black beauty right here.

MetalArtProductions' amazing Deadpool metal statue.


MetalArtProductions artists hand craft each unique piece they create, as is the case with this Deadpool piece. Only parts that are recycled are used. Each piece undergoes hours of designing and meticulous planning. Once a design is ready, the welding process starts. This can take anywhere from hours, up to months. All depending on the size, scale and detail of a particular piece. Rigorous cleaning removing all excess dirt comes next. After that, extra welding joints are taken away, then it’s smoothed and painted. The paint helps protect them from rust and keeps them looking and feeling like new.

Close up details of an amazing Deadpool metal art sculpture.


Aside from Deadpool, MetalArtProductions also has some other Marvel-ous life size sculptures, including Iron Man. They kind of had to make one of him, right? There are also several pieces of metal art based on a metric ton of your favorite pop culture properties. Everything from Alien, Predator, Transformers, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Star Wars has some amazing pieces in this shop. Be sure to head on over to MetalArtProductions’ Etsy page to see more.

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