Deadpool Saves the Day in a DOCTOR STRANGE Fan Edit

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was one of the shorter Marvel movies in recent memory. But a fan edit suggests that it could’ve been even shorter if Deadpool was in the MCU. Including the obscene character as part of Earth-838’s Illuminati could have helped wrap up the conflict at just about the halfway point.

Some fan favorites and long-shot rumors did show up for the Illuminati scene. And you’re not alone if you fan-cast some others, too. Super-fan Saruhan Saral masterfully put Deadpool to work in the below video. The only unlikely thing about the minute-long scene is that adding him doesn’t also lead to MCU’s first audible F-bomb.

In the edit, the smartest man alive isn’t Marvel’s best-kept secret in ages. Also known as John Krasinski as Reed Richards a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic. Though Deadpool replaces him in the introductory scene, Mr. Fantastic is still alive and well on Earth-838. And stays that way this time around, thanks to Deadpool. Instead of being quickly unraveled into Play-Doh, Mr. Fantastic remains intact and his children still have a father.  

Before Wanda can kill the Illuminati members, Deadpool sneaks up and takes her out. And the credits roll. It’s a fun take, though watching Scarlet Witch kill off Captain Carter, Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, and Professor X in turn was also somehow enjoyable in the movie. Yes, it was also horrifying, but still fun. At least the cloak was spared

Fan edit of Dr. Strange includes Deadpool sneaking up behind Wanda as she talks to the Illuminati

This may not be the end of Deadpool’s crossover with the MCU, as Korg gave him some honest advice about how to break in. And if fan edits are your thing, make sure you’ve seen Professor X shredding the rails in his yellow hover-chair rather than just slowly rolling out and providing backstory. 

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