David Harbour Won the SUPER BOWL with Tide Ads

Today is arguably the day of the best commercials of the year. And while we’re getting a lot of awesome trailers dropping today, some of our favorite celebs are also popping up on the small screen to offer bite-size doses of hilarity. David Harbour, a.k.a. Chief Hopper of  Stranger Things, appeared in some utterly delightful Tide ads today and basically turned our advertising worlds upside down. The first ad laid the foundation for the Tide Ad Truth.

Channeling some of the commonly used Super Bowl commercial tropes for selling cars, beer, and more, Harbour explains that the stainless clothes you always see in commercials makes them all low-key Tide ads. However, he wasn’t satisfied to only shake up our advertising realities in his own commercial. He also crashed a commercial with the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa. Even better, the commercial ends with the classic Old Spice jingle, which Harbour sang over with what might be his new iconic phrase, “Tide Ad”.

The gag continued.

The best one of the series? When Harbour stepped in for Mr. Clean:

It’s all about the dance.

And while we’ve loved seeing David Harbour hawking Tide, with the rise of the Tide Pod eating meme, we kind of hoped we’d get to see Chief Hopper giving a PSA against eating detergent. Regardless, this is a great ad and as always, David Harbour is absolutely lovable and hilarious. More Hopper on TV is always a plus.

What did you think of Harbour’s commercials? Is everything secretly a Tide ad? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Featured Image: Tide

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