STRANGER THINGS’ David Harbour Came Through on Taking High Schooler’s Senior Picture with Her

UPDATE: 01/12/2017 He did it. The crazy S.O.B. really did it, and the results are glorious. Especially because he did wear a school sweatshirt and held a trombone. This post contains some light spoilers for Stranger Things 2.It’s tough to enjoy a high school dance when you know that a Shadow Monster hovers outside, tearing through the fabrics of reality from plane of existence. Unless your date is a girl with psychokinetic powers, you will want a responsible chaperone who knows how to defeat terrible creatures from the Upside Down, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone better than Chief Hopper himself. Which is why the teenager who just got David Harbour to agree to take her high school photos with her will be the safest kid in America on picture day.The fun started when Twitter user @postydamaris asked the actor this past weekend how many retweets it would take to get him to sit in with her for her senior pictures. either was really willing to do it, or totally underestimated how popular Stranger Things is with the internet, because he gave a relatively low number. Although he did include some fantastic parameters for the actual photo. Both the original tweet and his response have both already gone over the 25,000 threshold, which seemed to catch him off guard. But don’t think that means he is backing out, because he has already reached out to the high schooler to contact her about making this bit of awesomeness happen.’re not lying, David. We really are in favor of this.She is undoubtedly going to have the best senior photos in the entire country next spring when yearbooks come out. But even better, this solves a problem she was struggling with…—matching school sweatshirts and trombones. And instead of lasers, photoshop the Shadow Monster into the background. Don’t worry, Hopper will keep you safe.Which Stranger Things character would you like to take your picture with? Frame your answer in the comments below.

Featured Image: Netflix

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