Duncan Jones Honors His Dad By Announcing the DAVID BOWIE BOOK CLUB

Most of us are so consumed by binge-watching the latest Netflix shows or posting what we are about to eat to our social media accounts that we’re lucky if we finish one or two books a year–except for those of us who watch Alpha Book Club of course. Someone who wasn’t like the rest of us in this regard (and many others) was the late, great David Bowie, who was a voracious reader throughout his entire life.

Bowie was such a huge reader that last year, a list of Bowie’s 100 favorite books, ranging from classics to historical biographies to comics, was released. Now we’ve learned, via Consequence of Sound, that in admiration for the rock icon’s favorite books, his son, director Duncan Jones, has launched the “David Bowie Book Club.”

Jones took to Twitter to make the announcement, which you can read above, and proclaimed that his father was “a beast of a reader.” It seems starting this book club means he can pay homage to his father in a way he can share with Bowie’s many fans.

The book club will stick to Bowie’s 100 favorite books from the previously mentioned list, and the first book to be discussed will be the 1985 novel Hawksmoor by Peter Aykroyd, an author who Jones says was one of his father’s “true loves.” If you want to follow along with the book club, the deadline to finish the 288 page novel is February 1, so you better get to your local library or hit up your local bookseller or Amazon soon. Stay tuned to Jones’ Twitter feed for the discussions.

Are you excited to follow in the literary steps of the Thin White Duke? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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