New David Attenborough Nature Doc LIFE IN COLOR Drops Trailer

When it comes to nature documentaries, the only sales pitch anyone needs to hear are two words: David Attenborough. The beloved broadcaster and natural historian is a franchise unto himself. Netflix has shared a new trailer for his new three-part series, Life in Color. It will give us an all-new look at the bright lives of the animal kingdom.

“David Attenborough travels the world from the rainforests of Costa Rica to the snowy Scottish Highlands to reveal the extraordinary and never-before-seen ways animals use color. Using revolutionary camera technology created specifically for this series, viewers will experience how colors invisible to the human eye play a vital role in animal interactions. From the seemingly magical ultraviolet signals on a butterfly’s wings to the surprising yet crucial purpose behind a Bengal tiger’s stripes, a hidden world of color is waiting to be discovered.”

The docuseries will debut on Earth Day, April 22. It includes three episodes. “Seeing in Color” will kick things off. This installment will explore the “many spectacular ways that animals use color to communicate” with each other. The second episode, “Hiding in Color,” will feature “some of the natural world’s most cunning tricksters and masters of disguise.”

“Chasing Color” will provide a different kind of finale. It will offer a behind-the-scenes look with scientists and crew members. They will share how they used the show’s “pioneering camera technology and extensive research” to highlight “color across various ecosystems both fragile and robust.”

David Attenbrough in the jungles of Costa Rica standing near some parakeets sitting on bird feedersNetflix

In a statement, Attenborough talked about how this series will provide an all-new perspective:

“Over the decades, film has made extraordinary advances, from black and white to color, and high definition to even ultra-high definition. But we have always known there is another world of color, one that only animals can see. For Life in Color, we developed new technology to provide a window into these invisible worlds. It has allowed us to unlock some of the mysteries of nature, and to share these with our audience for the first time.”

That’s a really good sales pitch. And this is a beautiful trailer for what should be a beautiful show. But we didn’t really need a pitch at all. Netflix already had us at “David Attenborough.”

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