Netflix’s New Nature Series OUR PLANET Drops a Gorgeous Trailer

Our world is a beautiful place full of wondrous animals and awe-inspiring terrain, but our home always looks its best when Sir David Attenborough narrates its story. And in the new trailer for Netflix’s upcoming nature docuseries, Our Planet, he prepares us for another amazing journey around the globe.

Netflix’s latest look at its new eight-part series takes us deep below the waves, across the different continents and their wide-ranging climates, and high above the sky with grand aerial shots that give us a view of our ever-changing home, all set to Mumford and Son’s “The Wild.” And if this trailer reminds you of the amazing BBC nature documentaries, even beyond the inclusion of David Attenborough’s dulcet voice, it’s because the series was made by the same team who did the seminal Planet Earth series.

Directed by Alastair Fothergill, who previously was behind both Blue Planet and Planet Earth, Our Planet was produced in conjunction with World Wildlife Fund. For four years over 600 crew members filmed in 50 countries across the globe. That Herculean effort led to them capturing an almost incomprehensible three-and-a-half-thousand filming days, all of it entirely in Ultra High Definition 4K. No wonder this series already looks like it could be the most beautiful one ever made. Netflix’s New Nature Series OUR PLANET Drops a Gorgeous Trailer_2

If a sci-fi writer invented Earth, with its impossible number of different climates and topographies, plus its millions of insane creatures big and small, it would seem like the most magical place ever thought up. This one planet has snow, desserts, jungles, massive oceans, and volcanoes. Most fictional planets have one, maybe two of those. Plus we have elephants and whales living alongside creatures the size of your thumb. It never ceases to amaze when you truly look at everything our world has to offer.

And that includes getting to hear David Attenborough tell us about it. Our Planet comes to Netflix on April 5.

Images: Netflix

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