THE DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE Blooper Reel is Nothing Less Than Unadulterated Joy

Blooper reels are always a joy, but as the official Netflix Twitter account proved today, they’re at least a million times better when they’re filled with puppets. Yep, we now have a Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance blooper reel and it is arguably the purest and most joyous thing that has ever been put to screen.

Louis Leterrier’s gorgeous fantasy puppet masterpiece has taken critics and viewers by storm since it debuted at the end of August, and this sweet, sumptuous, and silly blooper reel is the perfect chaser to the dark magic of the show. Filled with a whole bunch of puppeteering magic, the short showcases just how much fun everyone making the show must have had—plus it includes a lot of that good, good Podling action.

If you’ve ever wanted to see the Gelfiling and Skeksis united in song, you’ll be happy as it seems like a lot of down time was spent making the intricate puppets sing popular ditties. Another highlight is the cast of cute puppets messing up their lines/directions and reacting to it in numerous cute and funny ways. Some of our favorite moments include Hup losing his wig, the Skeksis singing the Eric Carmen classic “All By Myself,” Rian admonishing his fellow Gelfling for messing up their intense dream fast session, as well as all of the Gelfling dancing and screaming… so much cute puppet screaming!

The Skeksis in Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a prequel to Jim Henson’s classic ’80s fantasy flick and follows three young Gelflings as they try to defeat the evil Skeksis and save the world of Thra from the monstrous birdlike despots. It’s an epic adventure that showcases the vast talent and potential that the art of puppeteering holds and is, without hyperbole, one of the most unique and exciting entries into fantasy canon in years. It’s currently streaming on Netflix and is a must watch for fans of fantasy, experimental film making, puppets, and magic. Plus, the baby from Labyrinth worked on the series!

We’re obsessed with this beacon of joy in the dark depths of 2019 and want Netflix to release at least ten more hours of this incredible behind-the-scenes footage. Please, streaming gods, we implore you for the sake of Thra and our mortal souls, release a two-hour follow-up that is literally nothing but puppet bloopers. It’s what we all need in the face of the constant horrifying news cycle and burning earth.

Header Image: Netflix

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