Dad Recreates Every Character Taunt from SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE

The title of Greatest Dad in the World belongs, without question, to one particularly silly padre who faithfully does his wonderful best to recreate famous characters’ movements from video games, all for nothing more than the enjoyment of his family (and us). Because no other dad puts “pop” in pop entertainment quite like this father.

YouTube user Nick Luciano is back with another amazing video featuring his 67-year-old father doing a series of character moves from a video game. This time his dad spent two days filming over 200 taunts covering over 80 brawlers included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Starting with Mario himself, Nick’s father twists, turns, fires, punches, twirls, and more, performing all of the many taunts in each playable character’s arsenal. This would be incredible enough if all he did was the physical movement, but the ingenuity behind some of the props featured here is also amazing. 

His Donkey Kong taunts absolutely killed us and this website is now run by ghosts. This also makes the game’s strange inclusion of a Piranha Plant the best thing ever.

As mentioned above, this is not the first time this father-and-son duo made one of these videos. Their first foray was in 2015, and it also featured Smash Bros. taunts. 

Clearly he was a natural from the start, though our personal favorite video is still the one in which he reenacted Street Fighter II turbo victory poses.

Look, we are sure many of you have truly amazing fathers who would do anything to make you happy. But here’s the thing—none of them have done these video game recreations, which means this man wears the crown for greatest dad in the world right now. And probably forever. Sorry, other dads.

Wonder which character taunt he’ll use to brag about it.

Featured Image: Nick Luciano

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