A Ton of Music from Capcom Games Just Hit Spotify

Any modern audiophile worth their salt has their music library broken down into three distinct categories: Disney villain anthems, string covers of ’90s pop jams, and the best of the best video game tunes.

That latter category can be an especially valuable asset to your daily life. A particularly strong platformer theme can turn your morning commute or evening workout into a life-or-death adventure; meanwhile, some moody RPG music can make any idle conversation with a babbling coworker feel like an opportunity to unlock secret messages and advance to realms unknown. And now, those of you who share this adoration for gaming music will have a whole lot more of it to choose from, as Capcom has uploaded its entire library—or close to it!—of video game scores to Spotify. 


If you’re in the dark about the timing of this release, join the club. There’s been no definitive announcement from Capcom as to why they’ve taken it upon themselves to flood Spotify with dozens of albums worth of hundreds of songs from franchises like Mega Man (a.k.a. Rocketman), Street FighterMonster Hunter, and more. But frankly, we’re content to just accept this as an inscrutable act of charity on the part of the company bigwigs… or perhaps the inadvertent push of a button on the part of a clumsy new intern.

In other words, whatever the reason for the pleasant surprise that is this monsoon of handheld opuscula, we’re thankful for it. If you have a Spotify account, we encourage you to transform your life anew into a pixelated power ballad. It’s probably about time to spice up your morning soundtrack anyhow; there’s only so many days in a row you can listen to Scar sing “Be Prepared,” people.

Featured image: Capcom

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