Custom Hot Wheels ‘Treetop Track’ Zips High in the Sky

A lot of us played with Hot Wheels in our backyards as kids. And we imagined that every rock, branch, and brick was some kind of giant obstacle for our little cars to overcome. And if we were lucky, our parents or siblings helped us build a cool track for our toy car. But no matter how cool the Hot Wheels track you had as a kid was, it ain’t got nothin’ on this baby.

Thanks to Laughing Squid, we’ve discovered the latest custom track from YouTube channel Backyard Racing. They’ve actually built a Hot Wheels treetop track featuring an elevator and a floating gondola some thirty feet in the air. One that actually carries the camera-equipped Hot Wheels car up to another tree. Are you ready to take a ride on the Treetop Express? You can watch the full video right here:

Among the cameos in this POV video are several LEGO people, a shark, and an Australian Shepherd dog named Kodi. Luckily, Kodi is pretty chill and doesn’t attack the tiny car like some kind of shaggy version of Godzilla. (Although we imagine that’s just in this take.) Watching this video is really like watching one of those roller coaster POV videos. This is pretty amazing considering it’s just a tiny toy car we’re talking about here.

Backyard Racing's latest Hot Wheels track even has a shark in it.
Backyard Racing

This Hot Wheels treetop track video is a follow-up to their first one, which they posted a couple of months back. That video was pretty impressive too. It actually had the Hot Wheels car go underwater in an inflatable pool, and then keep going through tunnels and loop-the-loops. According to the video’s official description, the mega track took four months to construct. They used materials including wood, ladders, inflatable pools, PVC tubing, blocks, plastic container tubs, cardboard boxes, pool noodles, and a metric ton of official Hot Wheels products. And it all came together for one awesome trip in the trees.

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