Watch Crayon Wicked Witch of the West as It’s “Melting… Melting!”

Odds are you’re familiar with the Wicked Witch of the West’s death scene from The Wizard of Oz. It’s one of the most iconic moments from the 1939 film, and if you haven’t ever quoted the line, “I’m melting… melting!” please do so now for the sake of all that’s good and proper in the universe. Or wait until after you’ve watched this incredibly well-crafted crayon WW of the W have her face melted off like a front-row attendee of a Foo Fighters concert.


Steven Richter, a sculptor, prop builder, and “generally creative person” from Long Island, New York created the melting Wizard of Oz witch, as well as the video showcasing its liquifying demise. The video, which comes via Laughing Squid, was recently posted to Richter’s YouTube channel; that’s definitely worth checking out, by the way, because it features countless other gorgeous pop culture sculptures. (Pop Sculptures?)

Watch this expertly crafted crayon Wicked Witch of the West as it's melting... melting!

Steven Richter 

Although it’s unclear how long it took Richter to sculpt this crayon version of the infamous gnarly, green character, we’ll guess not too long. Not because any details of the witch are sketchy—far from it—but because Richter probably has this all down to a science. Just check out the images on his Instagram. By the way, apparently this isn’t the first time he’s melted some of his expert-level work.

Oh, and if watching this crayon Wicked Witch of the West melt puts you in the mood for watching the real (fictional) thing, here’s a clip of it from the original film:


What do you think of this melting crayon Wicked Witch of the West? Could you ever melt your own sculptures after putting in a bunch of time and effort into them? “Fly fly fly” into the comments section with your thoughts!

Images: Steven Richter 

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