Coach’s New WIZARD OF OZ Bags Will Take You Over the Rainbow

This year marks the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, perhaps the most enduing and iconic motion picture of all time. Almost no other movie of its same vintage—save for maybe Gone with the Wind—has had the same lasting cultural impact as Oz has had on the entire world. And unlike Scarlett O’Hara, you can ask any five-year-old today who Dorothy Gale is, and chances are they will know exactly who you’re talking about. That is the enduring power of The Wizard of Oz in a nutshell.

But we all know that adults love the magic of The Wizard of Oz just as much as kids do, if not more so. After all, many adults grew up watching The Wizard of Oz when it was a yearly network television event every spring, or on VHS. For so many of us of a certain age, it’s ingrained in our psyche the way few other movies ever will be.  And now for those of us Oz-heads who have held the magic close to our hearts all these years, there are some very cool and magical new products coming our way. All thanks to the good folks at Coach.

Coach announces new line of Wizard of Oz high end bags


As a way of celebrating the original 1939 film, Coach is introducing a new line of bags, highline totes, and other high-end items inspired by the Judy Garland classic. Soon, you’ll be able to ease on down the road carrying one of these new handbags, zip wallets, coin purses, or messenger bags, all of which are adorned with classic Wizard of Oz iconography, as well as the logo for the MGM film. And in rainbow letters of course.

All the Wizard of Oz iconography can be hound on Coach zip up wallets


The ruby slippers, the Yellow Brick Road, the Emerald City, and the green bony fingers of the Wicked Witch of the West all adorn this gorgeous new line of products. You can also see images of the Tin Man’s heart clock given to him by the Wizard, and the Cowardly Lion’s medal for courage. Even the poppy field that knocked out Dorothy and the Lion on their way to the Emerald City gets a little visual shout out. And of course, among these bags and totes there are also nods to fan favorite characters from the film like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion. Any of these would make for the perfect gift for any fan of the film or L. Frank Baum’s land that exists “somewhere over the rainbow.”

The Ruby Slippers adorn this bright red Coach bag


Whether your favorite character is Glinda, Toto, or that one Munchkin who’s a singing coroner, there is something in this line for every true Wizard of Oz fan. Of course, if you just want to make sure you’ve got the proper accessories the next time you see Wicked live on stage? Coach now has you covered for this occasion too. There are some 37 items in this assortment overall, so be sure to head on over to to check out the rest of this fabulous line.

Images: Coach / Warner Brothers 

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