Past and Future Collide in COYOTE & CROW, a New TTRPG

Coyote & Crow transports you across time to an alternate future of science and spirituality. The tabletop role-playing game, currently on Kickstarter, blew past its initial funding goals as it quickly captured the imagination of role-players everywhere. In the game, a massive natural disaster changed the course of history on another Earth. Explorers never reached the Americas. Advanced civilizations and nations arose in the wake of the disaster. Seven hundred years later, you begin your adventure in the city of Cahokia along the Mississippi River.

That’s just the start of the story. Coyote & Crow has a lot more of interest to offer, unpacked below. If you enjoy TTRPGs, don’t miss your chance to enter this captivating new world.

Coyote & Crow

Coyote & Crow

A team of Native American designers and artists developed the innovative role-playing game. “The game is created and led by a team of Native Americans representing more than a dozen tribes,” the campaign says. “This is a game that both Natives and non-Natives will thrill to explore and build upon. Besides an in-depth and fresh world that’s been created, Coyote & Crow also features a proprietary system built exclusively for this game.”

Twelve-sided dice and the game rulebook are all you need to get started. Players use dice pools of d12s and roll to determine success, failure, and degree of success. While combat is a feature, it’s not the focus. “The game encourages dialogue, building bridges, and finding unique solutions to problems that are not always clearly defined by good and evil,” the campaign states.

Take a look at the campaign description for details. Explore character creation and advancement, the background and history of this world, and much more.

Coyote & Crow

Coyote & Crow

“For a long time I’ve wanted to create a game that speaks to my Native heritage in a way that’s hopeful and positive,” says creator Connor Alexander. The game promises to breathe new life into the TTRPG space. It won’t feature a dystopian setting or a realm of high fantasy; instead, we’ll find a strange yet familiar world just waiting for us to explore it. We can’t wait to hear the stories that will be told there.

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