Cosplayer Makes Realistic SPIDER-MAN Mask With Moving Eyes

People can and will debate who is the best live-action Spider-Man for years to come, as each of them has their strong points. But when it comes to costumes, we think that the MCU version of Spidey wins hands down. The main reason for this being that the eyes in his costume actually function the way that they are drawn in the actual comics. Ever since the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko days, Peter Parker has had expressive eyes in his mask. But the movies never made that work until the most recent Tom Holland iteration.

Well, now a fan has taken that perfect big screen Spidey mask and replicated it. A Hong Kong cosplayer with the Twitter handle of @cavincreations has been showing off their progress on making this incredible Spider-Man replica mask since last year, but they’ve only now perfected it. You can check out his most recent updates to the mask in the tweets above and down below.

The rest of the costume doesn’t seem to be done yet, although you can see pieces of it in the background of one of the tweets. We have to imagine that the rest of the costume will be a cakewalk compared to the mask at the end of the day. In the trailers for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, we already know that Peter Parker is going to debut a pair of new costumes. This includes a version of his famous black one. And it seems that Cavin Creations already has cosplay in mind for those.

But they’ve already completed the coolest Spidey costume: the Miles Morales mask from Into the Spider-Verse! To every other Spidey cosplayer out there, all we’ve got to say is that you’ve all got your work cut out for you now.

Images: Marvel Studios

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