Competition Will Trade Web Cookies for Real Ones

Web browser cookies are a part of our every day Internet life. They help websites provide certain settings and memorize our passwords and preferences so we don’t have to do it. It’s also the perfect marketing scheme to give viewers personalized content based on their search history. But, there’s also something weird about being tracked like this. If you even think about pretzels, you’re sure to get ads on Facebook. Either way, cookies are now serving an even more interesting and tasty purpose. There’s a browser extension that wants to monitor your cookies and possibly give you real cookies in exchange.

an advertisement for Cooookies Chrome extension competition to win 100 pounds of cookies


According to DesignTaxi, MSCHF’s new game/Chrome extension, aptly called Cooooookies, challenges you to collect as many browser cookies as possible. (Yes, MSCHF was also behind those controversial Lil Nas X “ Satan Shoes.”) The internet challenge pits you against other searching people from now until May 3 at 1p.m. ET.

At that time, a winner will be chosen and they will get 100 pounds of real cookies. Do we know where they will come from? No. Do we know why this is even a thing? Also no. But, if you gotta have web cookies on your computer anyway, then you might as well play, right? There will surely be some person who spends day and night trying to win the big prize. Speaking of that, what does one do with 100 pounds of cookies anyway?

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Of course, the advertising is perfect with a photo of none other than Cookie Monster on it. He’s the cookie expert… at least when it comes to edible cookies anyway. We don’t know if he truly understands internet privacy laws and regulations. So, get searching and stack your digital cookies in hopes of getting the prize from MSCHF’s latest chaotic endeavor. Best of luck on your cookie collecting mission.

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