Adorable Dinosaur Robots Serve Perfect Ice Cream Cones

Mankind has been worried about a Skynet future for decades. But robots haven’t replaced humans just yet. And in the meantime there are a lot of ways machines make our lives easier. That’s certainly what some new adorable robots in Japan are doing. These fun contraptions are delivering perfect soft serve ice cream cones. And how bad can robots be if its a dinosaur serving us ice cream?

Japanese company Connected Robotics is changing the ice cream service game forever with their Soft Cream Robots (which we first saw at SoraNews24). In just 32 seconds the “Reita-kun” robot serves up sofuto kuriimu (a.k.a. “soft cream,” which we know as soft serve ice cream).

All a customer has to do is put their order in on a tablet or kiosk. On this initial model of the machine, you can order vanilla, chocolate, or a swirl mix. Then the robot, either a cute dinosaur or a dog, kicks into action. A cone or cup drops from the machine into a holder. The robo-animal then spins and places it under the ice cream dispenser. Then it slowly rotates to get that classic soft serve layered design. When the order is finished the robot spins back to the hungry customer for them to grab their sweet treat.

Adorable Robots Deliver Perfect Soft Serve Ice Cream Cones_1Connected Robotics

The “Reita-kun” also feature “ comical voices” to entertain as they work. And the dinosaur even exhales fog to let you know he’s all finished. (Neither are features we want from a human server, FYI.) If you want one for your business (and during social distancing you really might), for an extra fee the company will work with clients who want to get custom designs.

Now do these robots take us one step closer to a Skynet fate? No, not even a little bit. But we sure hope the robots that do replace us look like this and serve us ice cream before they take over.

Featured Image: Connected Robotics

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