A CONJURING House Livestream Promises Paranormal Fun

There are a lot of virtual tours going on right now—zoos, museums, and homes, to name a few—but this one isn’t for those with weak hearts. As reported by i09, The Conjuring fans can tap into a 24/7 livestream of the house that inspired the horror flick during the week of May 9. The livestream is a joint venture between The Dark Zone, a paranormal online community, and the Heinsens, the family who currently lives in the infamous home.

The Heinsens are actually paranormal investigators who will have seances and all sorts of spirit stirring activities to see what happens—if anything at all. Special guests from popular ghost TV shows (think Travel Channel’s spooky lineup) will pop in to offer some insight and commentary about what is going on.

The Dark Zone’s video teaser gives a sneak peek inside the house and it looks very, very creepy. The clip also includes home video (featuring a very Annabelle-like doll) with a voice saying “It hurts… Help us.” If this is just a teaser of what will go down, then it’s going to be an interesting week-long adventure.

A photo of the Conjuring house in the daytime

The Dark Zone

Viewers can get a free preview of The Conjuring action on May 8 before the paid stream starts the next day. Right now, the price isn’t clear but at least it is for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds are going to COVID-19 charities. Things are still pretty vague in terms of how to grab tickets but hopefully there will be further announcements in the coming days.

UPDATE 05/06/20: Tickets are now available for pre-order here for $14.99. The live broadcast will start on May 9 at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT and run for a whole week. A portion of the proceeds will go to World Central Kitchen, Gary Sinise Foundation, and Global Giving to support their COVID-19 initiatives.

The Conjuring live-stream sounds like an inventive way to experience the thrill of spending the night in a haunted location from the comfort of your own home. Will birds fly at the window? Will your clock stop at 3:07 a.m.? The only way to find out is by tuning in—if you dare.

Header Image: The Dark Zone

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