COBRA KAI Meets POWER RANGERS in This Action Figure Mashup

With one new set of action figures, Hasbro manages to tap into nostalgia from not only both ’80s and ’90s kids, but also fans of the current Netflix hit Cobra Kai. The mashup comes in the form of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action figures combined with the characters from Cobra Kai. These mashup figures are three new additions to the ongoing Power Rangers Lightning Collection. Check out the pictures in the gallery below to see what it looks like when two martial arts powerhouse franchises come together. The Cobra Kai meets Power Rangers action figures are available now for pre-order from Target. The figures, which cost $27.99 each, will ship in April 2023.

Daniel LaRusso a.k.a. the White Crane, is shown in his signature pose from 1984’s The Karate Kid. His daughter on Cobra Kai, Sam LaRusso, is the Pink Mantis Power Ranger. They both represent the Miyagi-Do dojo, of course. But it wouldn’t be complete without an opponent, and that’s where the third action figure comes in. Skeleputty combines the iconic Putty Patrollers from Power Rangers with the Cobra Kai team’s skeleton costumes from the original movie.

The LaRusso figures morph from Cobra Kai characters to Power Rangers thanks to swappable pieces. They all also come with two sets of hands for poseable action shots. There are even blast effects so you can add to the drama of each matchup. Whether they are sparring with their friends or facing off against their rival groups from the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do dojos, there are unlimited ways to stage each fight. And if you’re more of an Eagle Fang fan, it sounds like more Power Rangers/Cobra Kai mash-up action figures will come soon.

White and pink action figures fight from Cobra Kai and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mashup

This isn’t the first Karate Kid or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers mashup, of course. Cobra Kai also got a LEGO minifig tribute. And who could forget the Nerdist and Megazord action figure? Or, if you’re looking for the classics, you could always collect the retro ’90s action figures.

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