COBRA KAI Announces 6th and Final Season with Intense Trailer, Sets Release Date Window

All good things must come to an end, but fans of The Karate Kid know they already got more time with the franchise than they ever thought they would. Cobra Kai picked up Daniel LaRusso’s story decades past what anyone could have expected. More importantly, though, the show expanded it in ways that has made the series deeper and richer than ever. Cobra Kai hasn’t just shown more of that martial arts world, it has turned one of the ’80s greatest villains, Johnny Lawrence into someone worth rooting for. Now the former enemies-turned-unexpected allies are coming back for one last fight together. Netflix has announced Cobra Kai will return for season six but that its sixth season will also be its final season.

And if you weren’t already excited for one more battle, the announcement trailer for Cobra Kai season six will have you ready to enter the All Valley Karate Tournament yourself.

Question: Do we have time to become black belts before the show returns? Because we really are ready to enter the fight after that promo. We know the answer is probably not, but we’re still pumped for season six of Cobra Kai. Especially since Netflix is calling it the “biggest” and “baddest” season ever.

cobra kai season six 6 will be its last and final season

Even the title card has us ready to join a dojo.

the title card with a roman numeral for Cobra Kai season 6

Of course, this news that season six of Cobra Kai will be its last is still bittersweet. We’d be fine with the show going on for an infinite number of seasons. But fans can take solace in knowing it’s going out on its own terms.

Creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg explained that this was their decision in an open letter to viewers. And they want this announcement to serve as a celebration, not a funeral.

An open letter from the creators of Cobra Kai talking about the sixth and final season of the show

It’s still hard to grasp that Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso became allies. But the ability to not only make that happen but to make it something we’ve loved to watch is exactly why Cobra Kai has worked. So while no one ever wants a good thing to end, knowing the show will end the way it wants (and when it wants) is a big win.

What Is the Release Date for Cobra Kai Season Six?

Netflix recently revealed that Cobra Kai season six would be released in 2024. We can’t wait for the final season to strike our screens soon.

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