This Clear Jigsaw Puzzle Looks Like Broken Glass

During these long, shelter-at-home days, we’ve all been finding new ways to help pass the time. And jigsaw puzzles have turned out to be a very good way to turn a single afternoon at home into, “Hey wait, when did it become 9PM?!” But some of these puzzles really take the cake in terms of their difficulty level.

This one here isn’t just hard, it’s almost traumatizing. Thanks to folks over at Geekologie, we’ve learned about a puzzle very aptly named The Accident, which is made to look like several shards of broken glass. You can check out images of this sharp-looking (but not actually sharp) puzzle down below:

A clear jigsaw puzzle that looks like broken glass.

Yell Designs

This nerve-wracking puzzle is described by the Melmourne, Austriala-based company Yell Design as “hyper-challenging,” and we’d bet that’s something of an understatement. Each line, angle and connection for The Accident was designed by hand, and is made from 3mm cast clear acrylic. Coming in at 215 pieces, the finished puzzle size is 585mm x 555mm, or 23″ x 21″. Its makers describe The Accident as “perfect for puzzlers that master shapes and patterns,” sayin that it “starts easy and gets … progressively harder.”

A clear jigsaw puzzle that looks like broken glass, in its box.

Yell Designs

This is just the latest puzzle to get a lot of online traction during these quarantined times. Kodak recently released a giant puzzle with a staggering 51,300 pieces, and with an equally giant price tag. And the so-called “world’s largest puzzle” isn’t the only one people are talking about, as Mondo is releasing a bunch of nerd-oriented jigsaw puzzles as well. There is even another clear puzzle that looks insanely difficult, in case you want to try two different transparent puzzles to make yourself crazy.

You can purchase The Accident, along with other clear puzzles, by heading on over to the Yell Designs website. This particular clear jigsaw will set you back $64.74.

Featured Image: Yell Designs

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