Help Launch This CHRONICLES OF NARNIA Wardrobe LEGO Set

We’ve all dreamed of discovering a secret door in our very own homes. Thanks to LEGO builder Thomas Carlier, a lifelong fan of the Chronicles of Narnia, we can make that dream come true… in LEGO form, at least.

Through LEGO Ideas, builders worldwide have worked to make the LEGO sets from their imaginations come to life. From Disneyland to the Addams Family Mansion to the women of NASA, there’s no limit to the concepts LEGO builders have been piecing together. Thomas has spent years refining a design for the perfect LEGO wardrobe inspired by the recent Narnia films.

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“Narnia has always been a saga that I loved to watch,” Thomas told Nerdist. “As a kid, I really wanted to see something related to these movies in LEGO stores.”

As a LEGO builder known as Brick Project, Thomas has been refining his idea for the wardrobe since 2015. This is his third version on LEGO Ideas, and he’s hoping to gain the support the project needs to come to life.

For this third version, I decided to rewatch the full Narnia saga to better understand the atmosphere of this magical world,” he said. “I wanted to get the most perfect project as possible, so I transformed the scales of the real wardrobe in LEGO bricks to have an idea of the proportions.”

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Like the secret door in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the LEGO door opens to reveal a different world hiding inside. 

Thomas used Adobe Illustrator for the design of the wardrobe, including the inlay on the custom tiles that would make the heavy-looking doors intricately detailed, along with designs for minifigs of the Pevensies.

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“As a LEGO builder, I can’t stop building things that I watched in movies or read in books,” said Thomas. “It makes me feel like part of the journey.”

Visit the LEGO Ideas site now to register and lend your support to Thomas’ magical Narnia Wardrobe project.

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All Images: Thomas Carlier / Brick Project

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