This Company Will Build Secret Passageways in Your Home

Hidden passageways. Everyone knows them. Everyone loves them. Everyone has secretly wanted one in their home. And now, thanks to a company called Creative Home Engineering, you can make that dream a reality. They specialize in building concealed doors into bookshelves, walls, mirrors, wardrobes, staircases, closets, fireplaces, and even vintage phone booths. We have a feeling that having an old phone booth in the middle of your living room might give something away, but hey, it’s an option if you want it. We won’t judge.

Based out of Gilbert, Arizona, Creative Home Engineering was started in 2003 by Steve Humble, a mechanical engineer who left the medical device industry to start the company. Now the company has installed over 1,000 secret passageways around the world, and we’re pretty jealous of every one of their customers.

Their website boasts 70 unique types of passageways, which are designed to fit right into the features you already have in your home, meaning they can match materials to your stone wall or wooden shelves. We like to think that every secret passageway is for fun, but if you also need a high-security solution for your end-of-the-world plans, they’ve got you covered with vault door and bio-metric scanners. Prices start at $1600 and go up from there, but we imagine it’s worth every penny.

You can also check out this video from their YouTube channel of the doors in action.[/nerdist_section]

So if you want to live out your superhero lair-, Harry Potter-, and Narnia-inspired dreams, maybe check them out and get the perfect passageway for your home!

Image Source: Creative Home Engineering

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