What Is Christopher Nolan's Next Movie?! Here's What We Know

Mar 20 2019 -- 1:00 PM

Christopher Nolan is a man of mystery. The director responsible for acclaimed films like Memento, The Dark Knight trilogy, and Dunkirk is currently revving up for his next film. And, as was the case with all of his previous projects, we know almost nothing about it so far.

That's certainly by design. Nolan films are always shrouded in mystery, until the first press releases and trailers start eking out, slowly painting a portrait of what to expect. Even films like his Batman trilogy, based on preexisting characters, or Dunkirk, based on a true story, are unique in format and presentation. That's part of what make his films so anticipated: We have no idea what to expect until we're watching the finished product.

So no, we don't know much about his next movie. But details are starting to leak, enough to give us an idea of what may be in store, and with just enough exciting anecdotes to whet the appetite. Here is everything we know about Christopher Nolan's next film.

It has a release date.

Nolan's frequent collaborator Warner Bros. is producing the currently untitled film, and according to Variety, will release it on July 17, 2020. That's not exactly telling news; most of Nolan's recent films—with the exception of Interstellar—have had summer release dates. But it does speak to what we know about Nolan: that he's set on creating bold, imaginative summer blockbusters.

It's an action movie with shades of Inception.

A Variety source described the movie as a "massive action blockbuster," with The Hollywood Reporter describing it as "a globe-trotting adventure that has shades of the mind-bending nature of Inception but does involve the time continuum." Whatever that means!

He's working with a new editor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nolan has tapped Hereditary editor Jennifer Lame to work with him on the film. This is a pretty big deal, since the director has worked with previous editor Lee Smith on every one of his films since Batman Begins in 2005. Smith won an Oscar for their collaboration on Dunkirk. There don't appear to be any hard feelings between the two, however; Smith is just booked up. He's currently at work with Sam Mendes on World War I epic, 1917.

The cast is already stacked.

We're likely quite a ways off from any official material or filming information, but so far, Nolan is putting together an impressive cast. BlackKklansman actor John David Washington will play the lead in the film. Washington is the son of actor Denzel Washington and was nominated for a Golden Globe and SAG for his work in last year's Spike Lee film. He was also seen on the HBO series Ballers.

Washington will be joined by Widows actress Elizabeth Debicki, as well as Robert Pattinson. Both are two of the more interesting and sought-after young actors in the business, so this is an exciting get for Nolan.

No word yet on what kind of roles they'll be playing or what genre the film will even be, but come on, it's Christopher Nolan. We'll be there opening day no matter what.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures