Christian Louboutin’s Marvel Shoe Collection Brings Red Soles to Superheros

High-end nerdy collections are all the rage. Not too long ago, Jimmy Choo collaborated with Sailor Moon to create a pair of $15,000 boots. And Loewe’s Studio Ghibli collections are always worth a second look (even if you can’t afford anything). Now, Christian Louboutin is getting into the game with one of the biggest nerdy properties of all, Marvel. Christian Louboutin and Marvel have announced a new global collection that highlights some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes and, of course, its shiniest piece of mythology, the Infinity Stones. Not only does the Christian Louboutin and Marvel team-up involve shoes, bags, hats, and more, but it also comes with its own Marvel comic. Who would have thought? Let’s take a look at this Marvelous collection below.

Marvel Louboutin shoe collection, boots, heels, and a bag

A release from Marvel shares that this Christian Louboutin collection is inspired by three Marvel entities:

The Infinity Stones, which immediately caught Christian Louboutin’s attention, are embedded with strass into two unique heels for men and women.

Namor, the first character ever appearing in a Marvel comic, is the inspiration for the reinvention of the Louboutin scales into an exclusive fish scale known as Spikes Namor. This reimagination of one of Christian Louboutin’s most iconic embellishment pays tribute to Namor’s underwater world.

Moon Knight’s mysterious black and silver suit influences Christian Louboutin’s most audacious styles within the collection.

We definitely see these Marvel characters and concepts popping up throughout the Louboutin line. And, although this collection is a little more conceptual and a little less literal than other collections we’ve seen, the spirit of Marvel and its comics definitely comes through.

Of course, as with any high-end collaboration, a price tag is involved. But hey, it’s not $15,000, so that’s something. The shoes and boots in the Christian Louboutin x Marvel collection cost around $1,995.00 at their cheapest and $3,995.00 at their most expensive. We guess we’d better start putting in extra hours on our heroing. Or maybe Tony Stark wants to chip in to get us a pair.

For free, though, Marvel has put together a comic featuring Christian Louboutin himself. Does that cannonize the designer in Marvel lore? Maybe we’ll see him dress heroes in the next phase of the MCU. Marvel shares of The Loubiverse Explodes!, “The Infinity Stones play a vital role in this special-edition comic book – the story of a quest led by an Egyptian archaeologist Super Hero, based on the [Christian Louboutin] and his North African heritage… The comic book adventure takes place in Egypt and depicts the shoe and accessory collection itself, as well as numerous Marvel characters, including Black Widow, Shuri, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers.”

Louboutin Marvel comic, designer with Shuri
Marvel Comics

 Louboutin notes, “There is something about the Marvel mythology, its chronology and recurring characters going through epic adventures, dramas, and intrigues, all spiced up with superpowers that really resonates with me!” And we guess the reverse is true because some items in the Louboutin Marvel collection have already sold out.

If a red sole is the last thing you need in your heroic look, you can check out the full collection, available now.

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