Chris Evans Displays Disastrous Dog Grooming Attempt

We love Chris Evans for having been the beating heart of the MCU as Captain America for the better part of a decade. But maybe even more than that, we love him for his status as the nation’s most lovable dog dad. For years now, he’s been posting videos and images of his adorable doggo Dodger. And it always makes our collective hearts swoon.

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But given that Evans loves his lil’ Dodger so much, he probably should have waited to give his beloved pooch a proper grooming. Recently, the actor shared a hysterical photo of his attempt at giving his dog a hair trimming while the two are quarantined together. The photo shows that it might have been in everyone’s best interest if they just waited, because Dodger is now covered in uneven patches of hair. We think that it’s best that Evans leave the dog grooming to the professionals from now on. Stick to acting Cap!

Chris Evans first adopted Dodger from a pet rescue about five years ago. Since then, he’s posted a ton of videos of his loyal companion doing all kinds of hilarious things. The best of which include a video of Dodger “singing” along with a musical stuffed animal and even interrupting his daddy’s workout. Another time, Dodger just decided to sit on Evans’ baby niece, apparently thinking she’d make for a good pillow.

But we know that Dodger loves his papa, because they were once separated for ten weeks while Evans was filming a movie. When he came home, he showered him with so much love that it’s impossible to watch that video and not feel your heart melting. Given the incredible bond between them, we are pretty sure that Dodger will forgive his dad for the hideous haircut. This time. But after this debacle, we think Dodger will demand the five-star treatment next time.

Featured Image: Myra Lamb / YouTube

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